“A Cup of Royalty” by Steep Roots Tea Company

Today’s Tea for review, “A Cup of Royalty” is another selection from Steep Roots Tea Company. This features a blend of both Black and Green tea bases, with added “Jasmine, cornflower petals and Organic compliant Natural flavors” from the label card. After a five (5) minute steeping time, “A Cup of Royalty” has a deep red-brown color. The opening aromas are sweet cornflower and jasmine.

Upon first sip, the Black tea root is clear, more full bodied than “Let it Go-range.”* The term ‘body’ in tea vocabulary tends to refer to the weight, not mass, but texture of the tea when sampled. To my taste, ”A Cup of Royalty” has light to medium body. The distinction comes from higher tannins using both Black and Green teas. * It shares higher tannins with fuller body “Breakfast” style teas. Early on, the cornflower’s delicate perfume closes out the sip. The mixture tastes floral without the aggression that peonies or honeysuckle could bring to crowd the flavor profile. Jasmine flower churns repeatedly with the Black tea base to remain discernible. In later sips, the jasmine and cornflower come together beautifully.

In my opinion, the cornflower addition evens out any bitterness that could come from over brewing. In general though, steeping time is a trial and error personal process. For my taste, for Black teas/blends five (5) minutes steeping time does two things 1. allows for the clearest flavor identification and 2. increases the likelihood of accurate tasting notes. As I continue to enjoy “A Cup of Royalty” jasmine becomes a background flavor. Then, cornflower’s quiet bouquet emerges leading the full flavor profile. However, along the way, the Green tea addition (besides the jasmine flowers) grows harder to find. “A Cup of Royalty” has moderate caffeine. This comes from both a Black and Green tea base. I would recommend this as a morning tea option. Until you find out when is not going to disturb any evening routines you have.

If I were to give “A Cup of Royalty” a color it would be blue lapis lazuli. Blue lapis is one of the more expensive precious stones. In the Courts of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century England, as tea was growing popular, blue was the most expensive color to dye one’s clothes or have in jewelry. “A Cup of Royalty” in an instrument would be a harpsichord because they evoke the air and pageantry of that era. Fans of Earl Grey will enjoy this luxurious blend of traditionally prized Black and Green teas. “A Cup of Royalty” combines stately elegance with jasmine and cornflower—-long hunted ingredients, to create a grand teatime escape. One that you can take daily!

* Note: Since Black teas are aged (dried/processed, in oxidation) longer they have higher levels of tannins than a Green or White tea might have. In flavor, tannins can increase the tasted sharpness or bitterness. Meaning, Black teas can pair with heavier, spiced savory foods. With this quality, darker teas can retain their flavors better than a Green or White based blend might. This is one reason why Green or White based tea blends are frequently paired with more delicate flavors and desserts.

“A Cup of Royalty”
Teas featured: Black and Green
Product Link: https://steeprootstea.com/product/a-cup-of-royalty/
Flavor Balance: 4 (Good, Green tea fades)
Body: Light to Medium (Medium to Dense is “Breakfast” style Black teas)
Pairing (Savory to Sweet Foods, 1-6) 1-4
Caffeine Strength: Moderate

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